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Making money online used to be hard.

You don't have to be an internet guru to make easy money online anymore thanks to Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies.

Crypto currency has revolutionized how easy it is to make money from home literally making it an indispensable asset for online entrepreneurs and investors. 

Don't understand crypto currency? 🤔💭

No worries. No problem. No fears. I got you...

It is ESSENTIAL for your economic well-being and your prosperity to educate yourself on what peer to peer, open source code blockchain technology is, what bitcoin and other important crypto currencies are, as well as what they can do to accelerate and empower the wealth in your investment portfolio.

With that being said, it is just as important to note and understand the role that crypto currency will play in changing the way people money by proving itself to be a superior and dominant medium of exchange and value than the dollar currently is. 

There is a serious trend currently taking place online with younger and younger entrepreneurs making easy money online every day even easier than ever before, thanks to Bitcoin and crypto currency.

Some Alaska Guy will keep you up to speed with the most relevant information to help you earn online income from home even easier, by keeping my ears WELL connected to the crypto currency market and reporting to you its potential to continue revolutionizing how you make money online from home.

The ramifications of blockchain technology on the home based business market will be tremendous and is already being felt the world over, the likes of which we've never seen before as getting paid out in Bitcoin and crypto currency will become preferable and even more profitable than simply working traditional jobs in this new wild and unregulated free market. 

For simplification's sake, let's just say that as Bitcoin is now synonymous with currency, making money online through platforms like social media networks in the near future will be streamlined, closely interconnected to and, synonymous with earning your online income in crypto currency.

What does this mean for YOU and the future of making online money even easier?

It means that the best opportunities to earn easy online income from home will come from companies that best capitalize on the new trend of financially incentivizing their subscribers by paying them to socialize on their networks.

What does this mean to you in even MORE plain English?

Simple. Glad you asked..

In EVEN MORE PLAIN ENGLISH, this means that companies, systems, and social networks like SteemIt (as opposed to networks like Facebook) will grow even more popular with the public as time progresses because, not only will they pay you to engage on their social networks as incentive to produce content, (like I'm getting paid to do right now!) but they will ALSO be paying you in CRYPTO CURRENCY which has to date emerged as the most dominant investment asset class in the financial arena.

So how does this benefit YOU?

If you're looking to make easy money online from home then what better way to do it than to sign up with a free social network (that you don't even have to pay for) that pays you to potentially promote and advertise yourself, your business or product, thereby giving you a pre-funding mechanism for your brand before you can even afford to OFFICIALLY promote or advertise yourself.

In other words, whether you're an online affiliate marketer, information and content marketer, online entrepreneur with an online storefront or WHATEVER online marketing strategy you use to promote your offline brick and mortar business, you will be complemented and financially compensated by social networks of the future (SteemIt) that financially incentivize you to utilize their networks to share your content, information, your story and your brand with their audiences.

This RADICALLY changes EVERYTHING about social media, social media networking, social media network marketing; making online money from home and home based business solutions have forever been radically altered thanks to the wonderful new world of crypto currency. 

Which social networks will capitalize on this new market of financially transacting through payment protocol like Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Imagine a world where Facebook paid you to share your data and information with the world instead of collecting all of that rich data and information, selling said mined information to advertisers, whilst never sharing the revenue with the people whose information they gather to produce their advertising fortunes.

That world is no longer someone's imagination.

THAT WORLD  🌎 🌍  is here. 

Only, it's obviously not found on Facebook.

The "imagined" wonderful new world of social networks that pay you for sharing your valuable information with the public AND pay you in more valuable currency than in dollars (like Bitcoin or Steem) is found on platforms like

Think of what Facebook meets crowdfunding + paying you to produce content + paying you in digital currency more valuable than dollars, all rolled up in one system or company would look like for the world.

That pretty much equals out to SteemIt in a nutshell.

Making money online from home and getting paid in currency more valuable than the dollar has never been easier than it is today. 

Thanks to companies like SteemIt, making even more online money from home will only get easier in the future.

What the heck is a SteemIt?

SteemIt is a blockchain - essentially a FREE online franchise system in a box that uses the business model of a social network as the primary function of its service.

  • The box in this case is your phone  📱 your laptop  💻  your desktop  computer  🖥  or your tablet, since it is an online franchise system this makes your business - mobile friendly.

  • It is absolutely compatible with any other business franchise, product, brand, distributor, network, or organization which means that your franchise in a box (SteemIt) being a social media service has the potential to improve any company's or individual business person's potential revenue - exponentially.

As of this time, SteemIt makes its revenue from its patrons on the social network itself invested in its crypto currency called Steem or Steem Dollars which can be converted into digital tokens that work a lot like owning shares or stocks in a company which carry voting rights; which in this case is called Steem Power.

The relationship it has developed with its network as a whole (SteemIt) through the trust in the network integrity of secure peer to peer, open source code blockchain technology that allows for users of the platform to exchange information, products, goods and services and to financially reward each other without user fees, banking or PayPal fees, along with the added beneficial choice of having your earnings paid out to you in crypto currencies (including Steem Dollars which thanks to Bitcoin has made some crypto currency more valuable than dollars) has made the platform an indispensable social network . 

This makes your potential payout increase dramatically week to week compared to if you were ONLY being paid out in dollars.

The network effects this will have on society in general and how this will revolutionize future employment and relationships employers have with employees is too incomprehensible to fathom right here right now.

Let's just say that before SteemIt grows into a network that makes the Facebook inevitably irrelevant, you may also want to implement promoting your business, company or brand on it starting today, so that your earnings begin to earn value as the crypto currency you choose to be paid out in ALSO increases in value by the day. 

There are also no advertising revenues coming into the SteemIt platform as of current so user information is more private and secure, not being sold to giant corporations for gargantuan profits at your expense.

This is the future buffer against inflation that the SteemIt network has that other social network giants like Twitter, InstaGram and SnapChat just don't have.

You've come to the right place. 👌👍

Thank you for visiting!

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Some Alaska Guy has ALWAYS done his homework and due diligence BEFORE investing in any opportunity or platform no matter how new or old the investment opportunity in review or question.  


  • The IPO is ONLY open for "Accredited Investors" (the rich and connected) to invest in on the ground floor of any future possible Coca Cola or Microsoft superstar company in the making.

  • The ICO is open for the general public (the little guy, the poor man) to invest in and, is a more transparent process with less tedious paperwork and less legal hassle to worry about than investing in IPOs (even if you can afford IPOs). 

The fact that investing in major companies on the ground floor is NOW open to the average Joe (thanks to the introduction of the disruptive process known as crowd funding) companies like Bit Qyck (travel, medical, cosmetics, employment, social networks, e-commerce shopping and consumer discount rewards ALL on the blockchain) will allow the children of Generation Z and savvy Millennials to become the world's next millionaires, billionaires and yes, even trillionaires.

Some Alaska Guy covers everything from online marketing strategies, the significance of online team building and how to best utilize the social networks to your advantage.

  • Find out why social networking is paramount to your wealth building strategy in today's economic reality, and why YOU need to be on the SteemIt, BitQyck and the BitConnect blockchains like, RIGHT NOW.

  • Also, what "Crypto Currencies" Some Alaska Guy likes and why; currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and BitQy, Ethereum, Dash and Steem, NEO, Centra, Pillar, OPUS and SAFEX, Ziber, BitConnect, Sia Coin, Ten X Coin, OmiseGo Coin (OMG) and other powerful block chain systems that I believe will dominate their markets and make older traditional companies, services and systems obsolete - like banking accounts for savings, payday loans, and more.

  • Keep up with the latest passive income opportunities that Some Alaska Guy is invested in or interested in investing into next, like SteemIt, BitQyck, BitConnect & TenX, SAFEX & Centra, Avalon Life Mining Company, USI Tech & OmiseGo (OMG) for example - ALL incredibly powerful and PROFITABLE investment vehicles for you to invest your Bitcoin in and earn even more Bitcoin through compounding interest payments on your Bitcoin paid out to you DAILY in Bitcoin!

Some of these companies mentioned above are simply either Bitcoin and crypto currency mining companies or employ automated trading algorithm robot software to their trading and investing strategy while trading on the volatility of the bitcoin market, while some of these same companies apply both strategies to the same platform thereby giving customers/investors greater return on their capital. All paid out in Bitcoin!

Do you remember what Netflix did to Blockbuster? 

Do you even KNOW what Blockbuster is?

Does anyone even remember when there was literally a Blockbuster on almost every block and corner of America at one point?

The Paradigm Shift


  • My aim is to inspire the state of Alaska to divest, re-allocate and invest a slight portion of the Permanent Fund Dividend away from our stagnant oil industry and into blockchain technology and crypto currency.

  • My hope, is to help build up and sustain Alaska's crypto community and thereby influence the state to invite innovation, mining and blockchain research & development to the state to help boost the economy.

  • Currently, the friendliest and most inviting state to blockchain technology in America is the state of Nevada which recently passed a law BANNING TAXES on blockchain technology. This fact is why I firmly believe that Nevada's economy will EASILY become the MOST PROSPEROUS ECONOMY IN THE NATION in the next decade. In this regard, whatever is good for the state of Alaska is also good for America and therefore Alaska's global economic partners as well.

  • Find out why ancient dinosaur relic strategies that governments use to shake their law abiding citizens down with; old systems you thought would never die, like Child Support, may eventually vanish into irrelevancy (in their current form) to investing savvy parents of the VERY near future.

Struggling to support your children? 

Or even worse yet, are you possibly looking at jail time because it's hard enough surviving on your own let alone also having to make demanding child support payments you can't possibly meet?

Don't worry!

Some Alaska Guy loves doing the research and freely sharing it with you to help you make better informed decisions!

  • Find out why the new peer to peer, blockchain, crypto currency systems and asset class, will be revolutionary in lifting millions out of poverty going into the very near future including many Alaskans.

  • Locate the best Bitcoin wallets and exchanges to use for your different crypto coins and learn how they work.

Storing your Bitcoin and crypto currency in a Bitcoin hard wallet is extremely important to the security of your Bitcoin. 

Find out which hard wallet best suits you.

Keep up with me on SteemIt

  • Find out more about what peer to peer blockchain technology and crypto currency systems are.

  • How they are currently performing.

  • What to look for when first setting out on your crypto journey, and more.

Some Alaska Guy doesn't mind paying for education and good information (I once paid over $1,500 on a course that taught me how to write winning press releases that almost guaranteed FREE publicity) nor do I mind freely sharing it with you so that you can benefit and take advantage of both my triumphs, and my failures.

Do NOT miss out on the revolution!


If I listed all of my credentials, this would take all day. 

You would probably get sick with boredom from reading about all of my experiences then tell me to shut up and teach you how to make money already.

In all seriousness though. 

Some Alaska Guy has over a decade and a half worth of experience in making internet money and online marketing like a professional internet marketing Jedi ninja pro!

I will make only 1 promise to you.

Some Alaska Guy promises to ALWAYS deliver valuable rich and relevant content for FREE that you can profit from, TODAY. 

Thank you for stopping by...

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Some of these incredible companies pay out DAILY compounding interest on your investments usually a maximum of 1% DAILY compounding interest payments on your Bitcoin investments DAILY.

What is interesting and even more exciting for marketers and online entrepreneurs is the built in commission and referral programs that some of these crypto currency investment platforms offer.

The ability to earn an astronomical income based on referral commission is just out of this world with some of these companies when you couple your referral earnings with the interest payments you make for simply investing your Bitcoin and crypto currency.

Bitcoin recently surpassed its all time high of $7500 and, the more that Bitcoin grows in value the GREATER my earnings are paid out to me in DOLLARS, which is easy for companies to do when they're paying you out in the DOLLAR price point, which is easier to do the MORE VALUABLE bitcoin becomes - It's all really based on math and FREE MARKET (SUPPLY AND DEMAND) principles of economics.

Do not miss out on your opportunity to start investing in Bitcoin today and begin investing your Bitcoin for greater earning potential early before some of these fairly new companies are more well known on the market that they will eventually come to dominate!

  • BitConnect for up to 1.25% daily interest on investment FULLY AUTOMATED loaning and day trading.

  • Bit Qyck depends on level of investment.

  • USI Tech for 1% + daily interest on investment FULLY automated day trading.

  • SteemIt FULLY automated social network daily rewards paid out weekly (amount paid) depends on level of investment.

I can't stress enough how important companies like BitConnect, Bit Qyck and Avalon Life Mining will become to the financial security and freedom of tomorrow for the astute investor of today. 

Do NOT miss out on YOUR opportunity TODAY.

Always, always, ALWAYS do your due diligence BEFORE investing, and many cheers to your fincancial strategy.

Your Best Wishes,

   Some Alaska Guy 

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